English and Film Studies

Film Studies Faculty

Jaimie Baron teaches courses in contemporary Hollywood, crime film, comedy, remix culture, East Asian cinema, documentary, and the representation of race.

Bill Beard teaches courses in film history (introductory, German cinema, silent cinema), film genres (the Western, the gangster film, film noir, melodrama), and close analysis of a wide variety of individual filmmakers.

Liz Czach teaches courses in film analysis, film history, animation, Canadian cinema, experimental film, stars, and film festivals.

Elena Del Rio teaches courses in film theory and philosophy, melodrama, noir, science fiction, gender and sexuality in film, women’s cinemas, French cinema, Japanese cinema and contemporary European cinemas.

Ela Ostrowska is a contract instructor teaching courses in film analysis, film history, Eastern European cinema, British cinema and the cinema of Roman Polanski.

Serra Tinic teaches courses in television theory, global television, television genres, television production cultures and issues of representation in televisual narratives.