English and Film Studies

Undergraduate English


English at the University of Alberta fosters a dynamic vision of literature. Our undergraduate programs bring students and teachers together to appreciate and investigate shared passions – for novels, poems, plays, memoirs, chapbooks, manuscripts, magazines, video games, new media, and other cultural forms – while also developing theoretical and philosophical perspectives relevant to literary and cultural study. The program emphasizes three main areas: theoretical grounding; historical periods; global contexts. An abiding concern with issues of representation, genre, aesthetics, and media threads through our diverse offerings, which provide comprehensive coverage across the histories and geographies of global Anglophone literary culture – from early modern revenge tragedy to contemporary apocalyptic narrative, from mountaineering literature to digital media, and from local writing to global petrocultures. Our courses encourage students to enjoy and embrace challenges in reading and interpretation, to develop compelling new perspectives on the world, and to hone vital, readily transferable abilities in argumentation and communication. 

This program enables students to specialize in English while pursuing a diverse education in humanities, social sciences, and fine arts. 


This program requires a higher level of academic performance and affords more intensive specialization in English than the Major. 


This program enables students to specialize in English while majoring in a complementary discipline in arts or science.