Find an Expert: Screen Cultures

Screen Cultures

Screen Cultures includes such topics as Appropriation, Canadian Cinema, Digital Humanities and Culture, Film Theory and Ephemera, Media Culture and History, New Media, Television Studies. The following people research these areas:

Name Research Areas
Jaimie Baron Film Studies, Media And Critical Theory, Phenomenology, Historiography, Documentary Film and Video, Experimental Film and Video, Appropriation and Remix, Digital Media, Representations of Race, Transnational Cinema
Bill Beard Film Studies, David Cronenberg, Clint Eastwood, Guy Maddin, Atom Egoyan, Canadian National Cinema, Film Genre
Jonathan Cohn Cinema, Media Studies, Digital Culture, Interactive Art, Video Games, Social Networks, Science Fiction
Liz Czach Film Studies, Home Movie Making and Amateur Filmmaking, The Canadian Star System, Toronto International Film Festival
Elena del Rio Film Studies, Literary and Cultural Theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, The Body in Cinema, Phenomenology, Deleuze, Affective Dynamics
Michael Litwack Comparative Media Theory, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Digital Media and Television, U.S. American Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Critical Theory (Black Cultural Theory, Technology, Post/Humanisms)
Harvey Quamen Digital Humanities, 19th-Century Literature, 20th-Century Literature, Technology and the Humanities, Science and Literature, Literary and Cultural Theory, Data Visualization, Big Data, Posthumanism
Serra Tinic Television Studies, Media Studies
Teresa Zackodnik 19th-Century Literature, American Literature, Literary and Cultural Theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Book History and Print Culture, African-American Literature, Black Cultural Studies, Critical Race Theories, Asian-American Literature, Periodical Studies, Print Culture Studies, African-American Feminisms, Trauma Theory, Racial Melancholia, Public Sphere Theory, Theories of Circulation, Theories of Photography