English and Film Studies

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English and Film Studies Undergraduate Network (EFSUN)

Come hang out in the lounge (HC 3-19) to study and meet your peers. Never been to Dewey’s before? Catch us there for afternoon drinks, or play against one of your professors in pool! Make sure to check out our Facebook page for regular updates on our whereabouts. The English and Film Studies Undergraduate Network (EFSUN) is your English presence on campus. 
In addition to these kinds of events, EFSUN holds writing workshops for extra drafting help and critique on your poetry and creative writing, attends English and Film Studies departmental meetings on behalf of students, and hosts the occasional symposium for faculty and student presented papers. If you’re wondering about getting involved, or if you’re curious to know what it might be like to be a member of the group, check our Facebook page, or send us a line at efsun@ualberta.ca.

Graduate Students of English Collective (GSEC)

GSEC is the hub of graduate student life in the Department of English and Film Studies. Our activities range from orientation, (which connects incoming students to returning students, faculty, and each other), through to the last Final Friday of the year, with regular events such as weekly socials and monthly mixers in between. Through the work of the GSEC executives and volunteers, students are engaged, memories are made, and community is created. The group excels in advocacy on behalf of its graduate students on two heads: arts and academics. Exemplifying the spirit of arts advocacy, GSEC engages both the University community and the local Edmonton arts community through such ventures as the newly formed GSEC Poetry Group, which brings together local and university poets for creative writing workshops, readings, and the production of a forthcoming spring chapbook. Academic advocacy is likewise a cornerstone of the GSEC tradition. The group takes pride in representing its vast array of constituents to departmental, faculty, and university governing bodies, as well as to external bodies, and in its annual research symposium, through which GSEC members at all stages of their projects can share their work with colleagues within and beyond the department.

Check out our Facebook group.

Graduate Student Lounge, Humanities Centre, University of Alberta