About eHUB

The eHUB Entrepreneurship Centre is a valuable support, learning, and mentorship space for students across the university. Once a student or student-team formally joins eHUB, they gain access to a vibrant entrepreneurial community at the University of Alberta. This collaborative space is ideal for prospective or established student entrepreneurs from all faculties to work, engage, and connect with others.

The eHUB Mission

Entrepreneurship @ UAlberta provides education, support and extensive mentorship for University of Alberta students to help them become innovative entrepreneurial thinkers. eHUB along with our partners, mentors, faculty and students, help support students in their quest to find solutions to problems in their communities, workspaces and organizations. We, along with our partners across campus, champion our students to become agents of change and growth, and implement ideas that create value, and make an impact in the world.

Our Objectives


Our entrepreneurship classes are focused on educating tomorrow’s entrepreneurial leaders, such as our interdisciplinary undergraduate Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE). Our classroom sessions are run by world-renowned research faculty in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation. 


The University of Alberta has long been a champion of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to bring visibility to the entrepreneurial activities of our students, and to help amplify and socialize their ideas.


On-Campus – We work very closely with Deans, department chairs, faculty members and student groups to offer a holistic support network for our eHUB students. Off-Campus – We have strong collaborative networks with industry, research facilities, government organizations and local groups to offer student continued support outside the University.


Entrepreneurship @ UAlberta is about supporting student entrepreneurs. When students seek help from eHUB, there is no equity expectation or a desire to sit on the board of directors. We are here to serve and champion the entrepreneurial goals of our students.

eHUB Co-Founders


"Entrepreneurship @ UAlberta will accelerate innovation at the University of Alberta and the Province by helping to commercialize entrepreneurial ventures on-campus and by connecting the University to the industry."Michael Lounsbury

Dr. Michael Lounsbury is the Roger S. Smith Professor of Business and A.F. (Chip) Collins Chair at the Alberta School of Business. He is also the Academic Director and co-founder of  eHUB. Dr. Lounsbury’s illustrious professional career started at Northwestern University, followed by scholarly work at Oxford University, London School of Economics and Cornell University. Dr. Lounsbury’s vision for Entrepreneurship @ UAlberta and eHUB is to bring all the external and internal initiatives aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Alberta together and align their efforts to promote a vibrant community of students across all faculties and engage them in transforming their ideas into new ventures.

Dr. Anthony Briggs

"Our recent economic impact study showed that 70,158 ongoing organizations have been founded by U of A alumni. eHUB will bring together leading student entrepreneurs, from all faculties, with our alumni and partners to catalyze big ideas and build important new organizations."Tony Briggs

Dr. Anthony Briggs is a co-founder of the Entrepreneurship @UAlberta and eHUB program. He is an Assistant Professor in Strategic Management and Organization at the Alberta School of Business and the lead author (with Dr. Jennifer Jennings) of the report “Uplifting the Whole People: The Impact of University of Alberta Alumni through Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” An alumnus of the University of Alberta (BSc. Hons), Dr. Briggs’ academic studies of technological entrepreneurship includes degrees from the University of British Columbia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston University. He has worked with leading innovators in Canada and the US, as a licensing officer at Harvard Medical School, and has consulted with numerous US Small Business Innovation Research grant companies on patent licensing and technology strategy.

Dr. Briggs believes that the Entrepreneurship @UAlberta initiative brings together the ambitious and innovative student talent on campus with the tremendous entrepreneurial resources of the U of A and its partners.