Field Research Office

Dr. Nadir Erbilgin, FRO Director, UAlberta

UofA Field Research Office Director, 2019

Message from newly appointed director, Dr. Nadir Erbilgin.
I am a professor at the University of Alberta within the Faculty of ALES. As the new Director of Field Research Office, I am looking forward to engaging the diverse community of field researchers at the University of Alberta. Our mission is to serve the community and facilitate all off-campus research activities. Our office provide solutions to issues that are important for the community. 

Field Research Office (FRO)

The FRO aims to facilitate off-campus research activities, including all types of field, archival, library or other research, as well as field trips and field schools, carried out nationally or internationally.  We provide advice and offer the following services:
  • Info on field operations and/or safety plans so that they are compliant with U of A policy and OHS legislation
  • Info on mitigation tools such as training, PPE, etc. for your hazards identified
  • Equipment Rentals at cost-recovery (satellite communication devices, AEDs and Medical First Aid Kits)
  • Connections to other field researchers within the U of A community

Field Research Activities Committee (FRAC)

FRAC is made up of faculty members who specialize in field research, safety technicians, senior management within EHS and RMS who come together to provide a channel of communication between field researchers and senior administration and work towards solutions and advancement of issues identified by the field research community within the University of Alberta.