Field Research Pre-Planning

10 easy pre-planning steps for Field Research

  1. Read the applicable UofA Off-Campus Activity and Travel Policy.
  2. Determine your risk level from Appendix B of the Travel Policy (all medium, high and extreme level work MUST complete a Field Activities Plan (FAP). Go to Insurance & Risk Assessment's Off-Campus Activity & Travel page and use the Travel Planning Tool (right-hand side under resources). 
  3. Complete the E-Learning Module on How to Create a Field Activities Plan
  4. ID hazards, consider the people, activities and location of your field project. You can access the EHS Control Library to find field-type hazards. 
  5. Fill out the Field Activities Plan template for your project. 
  6. Implement controls (Elimination, Engineering, Administrative) - look to EHS Hazard and Web Assessment App for help!
  7. Submit the FAP for approval by the PI if medium and high risk level. Contact the Office of Insurance and Risk Assessment to get their help to mitigate risks if extreme risk level. Send a copy to your department and keep a copy in the field.
  8. Request a Daily Field Safety Log Book from FRO.
  9. Write detailed records of weather conditions, road conditions, persons' behaviors, equipment issues, new hazards that would deviate from the FAP in the Daily Field Safety Log Book. 
  10. Remember to fill out the Emergency Information Form for each participant to take with you in the field.