EHS Database

The new EHS database launches in January 2017. All researchers who work with hazardous materials must register in the database. 

What is the EHS database?

The EHS database is a collection of information regarding work with hazardous materials or equipment by university researchers. 

The database is a module of the REMO platform that is currently in use by the Research Ethics Office and NIH conflict of interest administrator.

How does the database benefit me?

The database provides the following benefits to university researchers:

  • Online registration of work with hazardous materials 
  • Ability to print hazard signage for doors
  • Easy updating of laboratory information including hazards, equipment, and personnel  
  • Immediate notification of findings from laboratory inspections
  • Shared database with Research Ethics Office and conflict of interest application

Who should register in the EHS database?

All researchers who a) have been assigned a research space and b) work with hazardous materials (biological, chemical, physical, radiation) or equipment must register in the EHS database.

How do I register in the database?

Beginning in January 2017, EHS staff will be visiting laboratories, helping researchers to enroll in the database. Database registry will generally coincide with laboratory inspections. An EHS staff member will contact you to register your space.

All U of A researchers will be registered in the EHS database by December 2017.

How can I get more information?

For more information about the database, contact