Engineering controls

Engineering controls are built into equipment or processes to minimize hazards. Engineering controls may be implemented at the source of the hazard, along its path, or at the worker.

Engineering controls include the following:

  • Ventilation systems 
  • Enclosure or isolation of emission source (e.g., biological safety cabinets or fumehoods)
  • Process changes (e.g., wet methods instead of dry, dust creating methods)

EHS offers the following resources to support engineering controls:

Biological safety cabinet (BSC) testing

EHS conducts annual testing of all BSCs and aerosol enclosures on campus. Testing ensures that equipment is working properly so that research can be conducted safely. EHS may also conduct small repairs, and will also decommission old or broken equipment. Contact EHS to schedule testing.

X-ray and laser certification

Planning to work with x-ray equipment and/or lasers? According to the the Occupational Health and Safety Code (Radiation Protection Regulation), all designated radiation equipment must first be inspected and certified. Complete the application and contact EHS to schedule an inspection.

Equipment checklists and forms

Moving equipment or having it repaired?

Inspection checklists