Lab inspection 

Once you've set up your research space, continue to practice safe, healthy & environmentally responsible work practices. Here are some ways to manage safety on a daily basis or during common workplace interruptions:

Laboratory repairs or maintenance

Complete the clearance to work in laboratory form to verify that the space is safe for repair or maintenance personnel.

Moving equipment

Complete the equipment decontamination form if you need to move equipment between rooms for any reason. Moving a biological safety cabinet? Contact EHS at to schedule retesting of the cabinet prior to putting it back into service.

Regular inspections

Annual inspections

EHS conducts annual laboratory inspections to meet research groups, answer questions, and verify safe work practices. If you are new researcher, or have a new laboratory on campus, contact EHS to schedule your first inspection. In addition to annual inspections, EHS also conducts inspections related to the use of biohazardous materials, nuclear substances, and lasers or x-ray equipment.

Quarterly inspections

In between annual inspections, complete the laboratory safety checklist quarterly to maintain safe, healthy and environmentally-responsible practices in the workplace.