Certify or register equipment

Planning to work with any of the following?

Your equipment will need to be certified or tested by EHS, based on the specifications below:


X-ray equipment

Biological safety cabinet or enclosure device

  • Contact EHS at ehs.info@ualberta.ca to schedule certification of your cabinet or enclosure device

Work should not begin until all certification, permitting or testing processes are complete.

Planning to work with autoclaves?

In Alberta, autoclaves are regulated by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA). 

All autoclaves over 42.5 L must have a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) that is valid in Alberta. To be valid, a CRN must contain a "2" or a "C" after the decimal point. 

Examples of valid CRN: 1234.25, 1234.5c

Example of invalid CRN: 1234.5

For more information, contact ABSA or ehs.info@ualberta.ca