Set up a shared space

A shared space is one used by multiple research groups for a common purpose (e.g., a warm room, cold room, autoclave room, etc.). Below are some tips for working safely in a shared space.

To register a shared space (each research group)

  1. Register your laboratory normally in the EHS database; include the shared space as one of the locations that you register, but do not print a hazard sign for that space.

To prepare a hazard sign (one per shared space)

  1.  As a group, assign a primary and secondary contact for the space. The contacts must already be registered as a primary or secondary contact in REMO but can come from any of the research groups registered in the space.
  2. Create a “dummy” registration for the shared space. Default to the highest level of hazard and controls in the space (e.g. containment level, radiation hazard classification, PPE).
  3. As a group, agree that the hazard sign accurately reflects hazards and controls in the space.
  4. Print a hazard sign for the shared space and post it on the door.

NOTE: The primary or secondary contact must register the space, but registration must involve input from each of the research groups using the shared space.