2019 Exhibitors

  • ACCESS Outreach

    The ACCESS Outreach Team works to help students navigate services on and off campus. We provide short term mental health support with one of our registered social workers, academic tutoring in early university math and all writing levels, and comprehensive resource navigation. If you're not sure where to go or what you need, come find us and we'll help you get to where you need to go!

  • Canadian Blood Services
  • Chief Information Security Officer
    The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) oversees the U of A’s efforts to protect its computing and information assets and to comply with applicable regulations, laws, and policies. The CISO reports to Vice-Provost Information Services and Technology.
  • Emergency Management
  • Energy Management and Sustainable Operations
    Energy Management and Sustainable Operations (EMSO) is part of the Utilities division of the Facilities and Operations department at the University of Alberta. EMSO works to minimize the University of Alberta’s impact on the environment on behalf of all members of the university community. In addition to leading the university’s multi-million dollar energy management program, EMSO’s interdisciplinary team works with other units in Facilities and Operations and beyond to encourage and support the incorporation of sustainability initiatives into all areas of the university’s operations.

    EMSO also encourages members of the university community to incorporate sustainability into their own daily activities through the Green Spaces certification program, the green labs leaders network, campus sustainability grants, and other research and project collaborations. You can reach EMSO by email at emso@ualberta.ca or learn more online at uab.ca/emso.


  • Environment Health and Safety

    EHS provides tools and services to support safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible research, teaching, and learning.

  • Field Research Office
    Field research at the University of Alberta makes a major contribution to our core activities of academic research and student training. Field research includes any of these activities taking place off-campus, and in recent years has covered the entire range from arts to science and engineering. Geographically, our researchers are active in the field from coast to coast to coast in Canada and internationally we have a presence on every continent. The mandate of the Field Research Office is to facilitate and support field research activities across the university, regardless of where it is being conducted.
  • Fisher Scientific
    Fisher Scientific is a supply of safety and laboratory products including chemical and equipment.
  • Health and Wellness Services
  • Healthy Campus Unit
  • Helping Individuals at Risk

    The Helping Individuals at Risk (HIAR) Program encourages the campus community to recognize and report worrisome behaviours of those at risk of harm to self or others. HIAR provides a confidential centralized location for reports of worrisome behaviours in order to connect situations that may otherwise seem to be isolated, to assess the worrisome behaviour, and to connect individuals to resources before a situation escalates. To share concerns about worrisome behavior, please contact HIAR at 780- 492-4372, or hiarua@ualberta.ca

  • Injury Prevention Centre

    The Injury Prevention Centre’s mission is to reduce the societal and economic burden of unintentional injuries in Alberta by building partnerships, promoting effective strategies and sharing knowledge. The Centre is Alberta’s innovative leader in the development, dissemination, and promotion of injury prevention evidence, programs and policy.

  • Safewalk

    Safewalk ensures your safety on and off campus by providing company on the way home at night, collaborating with other services to promote safety, and by spreading knowledge to foster health and wellness.

  • School of Engineering Safety and Risk Management
    The David and Joan Lynch School of Engineering Safety and Risk Management at the University of Alberta offers the only integrated ESRM program of its kind in Canada. The application of engineering safety and risk management within industries and institutions provides strategies for the continuous reduction of risk exposure to people, the environment, facilities/assets and business interests / productivity. 
  • University Health Centre

    Whether you are feeling unwell or it’s time for a regular check-up, the physicians and nurses at the University Health Centre are here to help and for any questions you have relating to your health. As a member of the University of Alberta community, you are welcome to use the UHC as your primary health care facility for the duration of your time at the U of A. The UHC strives to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care in accordance with the patient medical home model by providing a wide range of professional, friendly, compassionate and confidential services.

  • University of Alberta First Aid Responders
    The University of Alberta First Aid Responders is a student run group composed of volunteers with Standard First Aid and CPR-C certifications committed to providing first aid services at events in the campus community. In the 2017-2018 academic year, UAFAR members volunteered a cumulative 335 hours.
  • University of Alberta Protective Services
    As a community peace officer agency we provide a number of services to the University of Alberta, including: General Patrol and Incident Response; Complaint Investigation; Accident Response; Traffic Safety Enforcement; Public Education Services; Alarm Response; Special Duty Services; Community Liaison Officer Program; Controlled Goods Program; and Security Survey (CPTED Audits).