Hazard assessment web application

What is it?

The Hazard Assessment Web application (HAWApp) is a tool that can be used to identify, evaluate and assign controls to workplace hazards. Once a user has published a hazard assessment, it can be viewed, used, and copied by others with the same departmental access.


How to Get Started


Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Contact your faculty or department administrator (Table 1) to set up your account.

  2. Log in here.

For assistance:

  • Watch the "How to Use HAWApp" video.

  • Once you've logged in to the app, click "Hazard Assessment" and "Create" to get started.

  • Have more questions? Review the HAWApp FAQs

                                          Faculty or Department Administrator

Faculty or Portfolio Administrator Email
Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences Brett Finch brett.finch@ualberta.ca
Alberta School of Business Nadine Badry nbadry@ualberta.ca
Arts Abraham Fomboh fomboh@ualberta.ca
Augustana Campus Sarah Ross ross3@ualberta.ca
Campus Saint-Jean Patriciane Nankoua nankoua@ualberta.ca
Education Elaine Holtz ekolind@ualberta.ca
Engineering Syed Saifuddin Biyabani biyabani@ualberta.ca
Extension Sylvia Hwang yongwoo@ualberta.ca
Graduate Studies and Research Contact the administrator for your faculty or portfolio
Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Phil Poier  poier@ualberta.ca
Law Julie McClelland lawadm@ualberta.ca
Medicine & Dentistry Wendy Magee wmagee@ualberta.ca
Native Studies Jocelyne Rinn jrinn@ualberta.ca
Nursing Kelly Adames kelly.adames@ualberta.ca
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Arno Siraki siraki@ualberta.ca
Rehabilitation Medicine Roshanie Khan roshanie@ualberta.ca
School of Public Health Karyn Gibbons gibbonsk@ualberta.ca
Science Danny Mah dgmah@ualberta.ca
Academic & Research TBD
International Portfolio TBD
Registrar Portfofio TBD
Learning Service Marcel Gee marcel.gee@ualberta.ca
Libraries TBD
Programs Portfolio TBD
Finance & Administration Adam Conway ehs.partner@ualberta.ca
Human Resources TBD
Facilities & Operations Heather MacDonald heather4@ualberta.ca
Chemicals & Materials Engineering Shaofeng Yang shaofeng@ualberta.ca
HSLAS (Project) Greg Hodgson ghodgson@ualberta.ca