Slippery Conditions: Safety Tips

Freezing rain. Snow. Repeat.

It's icy out there. Here are some ways you can make it through the winter fracture-free!

  • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Get off your phone
  • Plan your route: give yourself extra time or go indoors if possible
  • Use the handrails
  • Go slowly!
  • Walk like a penguin

Walk like a what??

Like a penguin. They don't slip often, and that's because they adopt a wide stance, walk flat footed and take short steps. 

Check out the Alberta Health Services video below to understand what we mean.

It's all in the sole

Find yourself slipping and sliding this winter, no matter what the conditions? It might be time to replace your footwear.

Look for shoes or boots with soles made from rubber with "grit" embedded in the material (e.g. Green Diamond, Vibram Arctic Grip). Alternatively, slip a pair of steel-studded cleats over your footwear. 

Learn which footwear brands pass the "walking on ice" test.