The U of A’s EUCE multidisciplinary collaborative activities will:

  • Stimulate public debate and discussion on key Canada-EU policy issues through seminars in areas where the U of A has globally recognized expertise: energy and the environment and Arctic governance and development.
  • Work with partners actively engaged with business, government, media and civil society.
  • Generate research on the European Union through international research networks. 
  • Create EU integration curriculum materials for grade 11 social science classes in collaboration with a working group of high school teachers, the Alberta Teachers’ Association, U of A Faculty of Education professors and project Theme Leaders.  
  • Create a network of secondary school teachers with a high degree of EU awareness and information and a commitment to maintaining and updating these resources.
  • Deepen the extent of EU research and teaching by establishing an EU postdoctoral fellowship, bringing in visiting speakers from EU Centres of Excellence and European institutions, funding graduate research on Europe and developing new EU courses for undergraduates.
  • Broaden EU research and teaching by sponsoring the development of EU-related research themes in disciplines such as economics, anthropology and environmental science.