Academic Research

The academic mission relates to five key themes of the EU Centre of Excellence at the University of Alberta: Multiculturalism and Minority Rights Policies; Sovereignty, Governance and Citizenship Policies; Democratic Development and Stabilization in the Post-communist Member States and the Western Balkans; Energy and the Environment and The North.

The Academic Research will develop:

  1. Working paper series

The EUCE will publish a series of scholarly working papers on topics drawn from across our project themes.

  1. EU lecture series

This series of lectures will feature prominent scholars of the European Union from EU universities.

  1. Annual EUCE conferences

An annual conference will feature scholarship from three of the five academic and outreach themes. Conferences will bring together scholars from across Canada, North America and the EU. The annual conference themes are:

    • EU and peace and stability in the Western Balkans
    • Multiculturalism and minorities
    • Sovereignty, Governance and Citizenship.
  1. EU curriculum at the University of Alberta Cortona School

The University of Alberta will introduce a course for undergraduates on European integration at the Faculty of Arts School in Cortona, Italy. This will strengthen the U of A’s course offerings in its European Studies Certificate program.

  1. EU curriculum in Canada-EU Relations

The activities bring Canada-EU relations in Arctic policy and Energy and the Environment into political science undergraduate modules through guest lectures.