Outreach Mission

The Outreach Mission activities are divided into two categories:

  • Secondary school youth outreach
  • Industry, government, civil society and EU missions outreach


The U of A’s EUCE secondary school youth outreach activities will:

  1. Develop online EU integrated curriculum materials for grade 11 Alberta social science classrooms generated through collaboration between a working group of high school techers, U of A Faculty of Education professors and project Theme Leaders.
  2. Create a network of secondary school teachers across the province with a high degree of EU awareness and information and a commitment to maintaining and updating these resources.
  3. Disseminate the resources via Alberta Teachers’ Association annual conference and make them available on the EUCE web page.
  4. Implement these resources in years two and three. 


Industry, government, civil society and EU missions outreach activities

The U of A’s EUCE will engage industry, government, civil society and EU missions by working with the Institute for Public Economics, the Canadian Circumpolar Institute and the Helmholtz-Alberta Initiative who have a proven capacity to  draw in and participate with those spheres.


With these collaborators, the EUCE will:

  1. Publish web-based briefing papers on the EUCE web site aimed at explaining EU and Canada-EU policy issues to a broader public.
  2. Host a high-level seminar on Canada-EU relations and Arctic strategy, bringing together government, industry, civil society and academics in collaboration with the Canadian Circumpolar Institute.
  3. Host a high-level seminar on Canada-EU relations related to energy and the environment in collaboration with the Helmholtz-Alberta Initiative and the German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research. 
  4. Develop a panel discussion on Eurozone governance
  5. Host public talks by prominent government, industry or NGO speakers in an EU public lecture series targeted to the broader public, regional university, media, youth and young scholars.  
  6. Aim to connect our activities to broader audiences in Alberta through regional ‘outreach activities’.