Lori ThorlaksonDr. Lori Thorlakson is the Director of the European Union Centre of Excellence at the University of Alberta. She is an Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair in the Department of Political Science. Dr. Thorlakson holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and has held a postdoctoral fellowship at the European University Institute. Her research interests include comparative federalism and democratic development in the European Union.



Skirmante TamelyteMs. Skirmante Tamelyte is the Project Administrator and Coordinator of the EUCE at the University of Alberta. Skirmante studied German Linguistics and Political Science at the Universities of Vilnius, Lithuania, and Bonn, Germany. She has worked as an Assistant to Lithuanian and German politicians and as an Interpreter for both Lithuanian and German governments. Recently she was a Project Administrator at a leading European Public Relations company. Skirmante speaks English, German, Russian, and Lithuanian. 


Matus MisikDr. Matúš Mišík is a post-doctoral fellow at the EUCE at University of Alberta. His research interests include issues connected to different energy policy topics within the European Union and questions related to the influence of perception at the EU level. He specialises in energy policy and energy security within the European community and its member states, especially those from the Central Europe. He currently analyses the positions of the member states on the Energy Union project in connection to its energy security dimension.


Jana SteijskalikovaMs. Jana Stejskalíková, PhD, Research Associate for curriculum development.