Advisory Board

Stefan Scherer

Dr. Stefan Scherer is the Managing Director for the Helmholtz Alberta Initiative in Canada, and a Special Advisor to the Vice-President (Research) at the University of Alberta. His management portfolio includes all of the research programs within this initiative, spanning several faculties of the University of Alberta. Dr. Scherer holds a PhD in experimental physics from the University of Bern in Switzerland where his thesis involved developing a Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer for space applications currently flying on the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission. He has extensive experience in both academia and industry. Dr. Scherer is the Theme Leader of the EUCE activities on Energy and the Environment.

Kenneth Mouré

Dr. Kenneth Mouré is Professor and Chair of the Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta. He holds a PhD from the University of Toronto, was department chair and Professor of History at UC Santa Barbara. He specializes in the history of modern France, European economic and policy history, and economic diplomacy. He is the co-director of the certificate in European Studies in the Faculty of Arts.  Dr. Mouré coordinates the EUCE outreach activities in curriculum development for secondary schools in Alberta. 

Joseph Patrouch

Dr. Joseph Patrouch is the Director of the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies and Professor in the Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta. He is a historian specializing in the histories of early modern Europe in the Early Modern Period, particularly the histories of the lands ruled by the Habsburg Dynasty in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Dr. Patrouch holds a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.  He is the Theme Leader for the EUCE activities on Democratic Development in the post-communist member states and the western Balkans.

Anita Dey-Nuttall

Dr. Anita Dey-Nuttall is the acting director of the Canadian Circumpolar Institute at the University of Alberta. Her current research interests are on Canada’s geopolitical interests in the Arctic and Antarctica, Canada’s strategy for polar science and its place in Canada’s national science policy, India’s polar interests, and the geopolitics of the Nordic Arctic states. She is co-editor of Canada’s and Europe’s Northern Dimensions (University of Oulu Press, 2009), of International Security and the Arctic: Understanding Policy and Governance (in press, Cambria Press), and Arctic Geopolitics and Resource Futures (CCI Press, forthcoming).

George Pavlich

Dr. George Pavlich is Professor of Law and Sociology and holds a Canada Research Chair in Social Theory, Culture and Law. His research and teaching interests span the areas of socio-legal jurisprudence, criminological theory, governance studies and restorative justice. Dr. Pavlich is the Theme Leader of the EUCE activities on Citizenship, Sovereignty and Governance.