Getting Prepared for Green & Gold Day

Everything you need to know to get ready for UAlberta's Green and Gold Day.

So many ways to get ready for the big day - we have fashion tips, downloadable decorations, and more. Let's get ready!

Find the Right Outfit

Need help finding that perfect look for Green and Gold Day. YouAlberta's Fall Fashion Guide has you covered.

Hoodies are easy, can be worn with anything, and have plenty of pockets to store swag. If you have a favourite green dress, gold scarf, green pants, wear them. Or go old school by breaking out a retro jacket or sweater. And if you don't have green and gold clothes, pull on a backpack, grab a bandana or bring any other item with green and gold on it somewhere.

Green and Gold Style

Check out the Bookstore or Athletics for all things green and gold!

Read Fall Fashion Guide


DIY Decor

Get into the spirit of the day by decorating your office, cubicle, and hallways with green and gold streamers, balloons and other decorations. Or, make your own! Cut and assemble your own official Green and Gold paper chain using the template below, and dress up your corner of campus! And don't forget to enter the decorating contest!


Paper Chain Printable Template

Instruction Sheet

Event Schedule and Parade Route

Find a good spot to cheer on the parade by downloading the parade route map, and get the times and locations for the pep rally, dodgeball game, food trucks and more on our event schedule page.