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Watch one of our past webinars

The Other Side of the Resilience Equation 

Helping people to become ‘hardier’ is a positive thing, but it ignores the other side of the hardiness discussion — rather than only helping people become more resilient, we also need to create less stressful work environments. In this webinar, Drew Bird identifies key strategies for minimizing the impact of stress on individuals.

Designing the Future: Municipal Strategy in a Changing World 

Explore design thinking as a strategic tool for municipalities with Tyler Waye. You’ll discover when design thinking is best utilized, what it is versus what it’s not, and take on a small challenge to bring tangibility to the lesson.

The Healthy Leader

Dr. Brent Bauer from the Mayo Clinic shares how alternative medicine provides powerfully impactful strategies for executives looking to improve physical, mental, and social health.

Building a Winning Growth Strategy

Dr. Simon Raby shares Four Strategic Management Challenges and the Strategy on a Page that leaders and their teams use to clarify and execute on a strategic direction.

Building Growth Minded Teams

Tina Mathas, Executive Education instructor, coach, and facilitator shares Five Guides to sustainably build growth-minded teams through engagement, collaboration and creativity.

Improve Employee Accountability

Kim Arsenault, an instructor in Executive Education's Leadership Development Program, shares four impactful tools for building relationships with your team to boost engagement.

The Personal Business of Change Leadership 

Shona Welsh, Executive Education's instructor for Leading and Managing Change, shares the critical questions you must ask yourself before you begin any organizational change.

Cost Behaviour and its Impact on Profitability

Franco Saccucci explores how cost behaviours impact strategic decision making, and illustrates the fine balance between break-even analysis, operating leverage and cost behaviours.

The Case for Private Company Boards: How a High Performing Board Adds Value to an Enterprise 

Darren Rawson, instructor for Executive Education, explores boards as an under-utilized asset and how high-performing boards add value in private enterprises.

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone™

Laurie Hillis, Master Facilitator with Brené Brown’s Brave Leaders Inc. and instructor for Executive Education, explores the importance of belonging, community and collaboration in your personal and professional life.

Embrace Constraints to be More Creative - Reframe Problems as Catalysts for Highly Novel Solutions

Valerie McIntyre helps reframe your perception of project resource constraints, organizational limitations, and industry setbacks. An engaging and practical framework to generate better ideas (a useful alternative to group brainstorming) is explored.

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Creating Partnerships through Indigenous Media 

Jodi Calahoo-Stonehouse and Kirsten Lindquist demonstrate how to engage with Indigenous media in a way that contributes to unlearning biases and addressing the lengthy and damaging historical misrepresentation of Indigenous peoples and communities.
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Don't Get Fooled by Innovation Hype - Deliver Real Intrapreneurial Value in your Organization

Sharon McIntyre shares tools to recognize and avoid innovation hype when you see it. She explores how to move beyond idea generation sessions (and ineffective innovation incubators) to benefit from building a culture of everyday innovation.

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The Dark Side of Leadership - What It Is and How to Work With it

Drew Bird, author of The Leader’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence, explores the often experienced, but much less talked about dark side of leadership, and looks at practical steps to live with ineffective leadership when you experience it.

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Leadership Culture: The Thing That Changes Everything

Tyler Waye explores the mindset and culture of leadership and how this compelling direction allows you to unlock next-level results.

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What's Trust Got To Do With It?

Laurie Hillis, instructor at Executive Education, explores the intersection of vulnerability and trust (based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown) and the business case/ROI for leaders on building a culture of trust.

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Leveraging Leadership Polarities 

Laurie Hillis. In order to make the most of the webinar, we recommend that you have a printout of the MapPolarity with you. 

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