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For 30 years the University of Alberta and the Government of Alberta have forged a strong partnership to deliver world-class management programs to Alberta Public Service employees. We empower program participants with practical and theoretical perspectives to supplement technical expertise. Course content is linked to the government competency model, ensuring participants earn knowledge from our programs that aligns with GOA priorities.

Whether it be a self-awareness realization, a transformational change or a new way of thinking, our programs are a valued investment for government employees! With world-class instructors and an innovative, hands-on learning environment, our partnership opens countless career and life opportunities for government employees looking to redefine themselves as successful thinkers and leaders.

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Alberta Public Service (APS) Competency Model

The APS Competency Model has embraced the use of competencies as a central tenant to its talent management initiatives. Competencies are behaviours that are essential to reach our goal in serving Albertans. APS members work in a wide spectrum of occupations and roles across the province. No matter the role, APS members need to demonstrate two types of competencies: technical competencies which are also known as “demonstrated knowledge” in a technical or professional area and behavioural competencies are observable characteristics or behaviours that are critical for individual or team performance and success.

The Model focuses on behavioural competencies as they are required for how we perform our duties, clarify what behaviours are expected of us, describe the behaviours needed for success now and into the future and communicate and support our organizational culture. Competency development is about learning new behaviours - meaning things that you actually say or do - in order to improve individual job and overall organizational performance. Feedback is a critical part of identifying the competencies you need to develop.

Focus on competency areas that you will develop that are most relevant to you, your current job and learning goals.

For more information on the APS Competency Model read this brochure or visit the APS Competencies Information.

Choose the courses that meet your learning and development goals.

Cancellation Policy

Alberta School of Business Executive Education must be notified via email of all cancellations or substitutions prior to the beginning of the course. If you are registered but find that you are unable to attend, you have the following cancellation options:

  • 21 or more calendar days before the course start date:
    • You may withdraw from the course via the online registration system with no penalty.

  • Within 21 calendar days of the course start day:
    • You will be required to pay 100% of the course fee.

  • Non-attendance or partial attendance will result in no credits awarded and 100% of the course fee discharged.

Credits for courses are granted based on full attendance of the class dates. In the event you are unable to attend the entire course, make-up days will be allowed in the next available offering of the same course. There is a fee of $150.00 per make-up day (to a maximum of $500.00). Approval and registration for make-up days must be obtained through Executive Education. Make-up days must be requested within 90 days of the course. Requests for make-up days will not be approved if received more than 90 days after the course date.