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Who do you aspire to be in the near future? We can help get you there. No matter where you are in your career, we have a program that will help you hone your leadership skills, feel empowered, and have a greater impact on your organization.

Leadership Development Program

Understand key leadership principles and develop your personal leadership style through action and coaching.

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Management Essentials Program

Explore the key themes of an MBA as you learn to guide performance and influence your organization's direction.

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The Management Essentials program occurs over 12 days, and consists of 4 individual certificates. Each certificate can be taken as an overall part of the Management Essentials program, on its own as a 3-day course, or as 1 or 2-day individual sessions.

  • Leadership Essentials Certificate

    This 3-day Leadership Essentials Certificate covers the landscape of:

    • Leading Self

    • Leading Others

    • Leading through Conflict with Emotional Intelligence

  • Decision-making and Negotiations Certificate

    Through highly experiential learning, you will better understand, appreciate and develop critical competencies required to effectively make decisions and negotiate outcomes. This 3-day course is composed of the following modules:

    Effective Decision Making

    Explore different decision-making models (inductive, deductive and intuitive) and how individual differences and biases shape decision-making.

    High Impact Negotiations

    Analyze your own negotiating style, develop a practical understanding of effective negotiating behaviours, and improve your ability to plan and conduct successful day-to-day negotiations.

  • Financial Management Certificate

    This learning experience will provide a practical, hands-on grounding in the essentials of finance and budgeting –demystifying financial statements, providing essential tools, measures, and concepts in a clear business context. This 3-day course is composed of the following modules:

    Understanding Financial Statements

    This session covers the content, meaning, and interrelationship of the income statement, balance sheet, statement of retained earnings, and statement of cash flow.

    Financial Analysis to Improve Business Cases & Decisions

    This session covers how financial analysis can be used to determine expected outcomes, identify when performance is off track, and use this understanding to enhance decision-making across common business challenges.

  • Strategic Management Certificate

    Understand the process of strategic management and how to drive progress through organizational change. Develop successful strategies, while preparing to manage strategic change and execution. This 3-day course is composed of the following modules:

    Strategic Thinking

    Learn key strategic concepts such as blue ocean thinking, competitive advantage, vision/mission, core competency, environmental forces, and a planning tool called the "Wall" to achieve the results you want.

    Change Management

    This workshop will first equip you with change management know-how, and then challenge you to put your new change know-how to the test using the ExperienceChange simulation tool.

The Executive Program

Explore the strategies of successful CEOs as you champion your personal and organizational growth amidst changing times.

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Find guidance and direction from the boardroom. Establish a skill set for company direction that allows for agility, independence, accountability and transparency.

Governance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Discover the power of governance and learn how effective directors and boards add value and improve performance.

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Directors Education Program

Connect to an extended network of leading directors who are bringing better governance to Canada and the business community.

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Not-For-Profit Program

Focus on key not-for-profit accountabilities and responsibilities through extensive use of team-based learning.

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As an emerging or experienced municipal leader, explore the fundamentals of effective leadership. We challenge you to further your growth and expand your network.

Certificate in Municipal Management and Leadership

Increase your capacity to lead people, teams, departments, and organizations, and gain a deep understanding of yourself as a leader.

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You have developed into a strong leader through a range of managerial experiences, but the changing workplace demands new approaches to effectively influence others and achieve results. That's where our short courses come in.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has been proven to be a key success factor for leaders who develop their awareness, skills and competencies in this area. Complete the newly researched EQ-i2.0 assessment and receive valuable takeaways and a toolkit to put your insights into practical, targeted action.

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Coaching for Results

How do you situationally coach others within your team or organization to get the best results? In this course, learn numerous practical coaching frameworks to ensure you are exercising your best options when coaching and leading others, whether formally or informally.

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