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Reconciliation is Everyone’s Business

Current economic disparities in Canada between non-Indigenous and Indigenous peoples indicates that there is a lot more work to do to close this gap because the current conditions of Indigenous Peoples in Canada show that how business is being conducted is inconsistent with the calls to action. The expectations of Indigenous peoples in Canada, is that businesses will go beyond the ‘good neighbour’ rhetoric, to develop meaningful relationships and economic partnerships that respect Indigenous Peoples rights.

Leading When You are Not the Most Capable Person on the Team

All of the best leadership books suggest we should recruit and hire people who are better than we are. If you succeed at this you may someday make the discovery that you are no longer the smartest or most experienced person in the room. How do you then lead when on any topic that will come up someone is more likely to be more qualified to make decisions or set directions.

What makes a great speaker?                                                                                                                

A great speaker is someone who connects with their audience. To do that, you need the proper tools such as a relaxed body, clear articulation, awareness of breathing, “yes I can” attitude, and practice, practice, practice.
A great way to release the tension is Progressive Relaxation. This was developed in the 1920’s by Dr. Edmund Jacobson, an American medical expert.