Executive Education

Advanced Project Management Techniques

Start Date   Duration    Location   Investment
Apr 12, 2018    4 days  Edmonton    $2,195 +GST

As projects grow in size and impact, they require new approaches to be able to effectively plan and manage, ensuring that stakeholder expectations are met and that project results are reliably delivered.

This module introduces advanced techniques that have been proven to be successful in managing projects of increased scope and significance. This module also addresses the strategies and structures required for effective project oversight, and how to meaningfully report and communicate project progress.

You will gain the confidence and skills necessary to:

  • plan and estimate in the face of risk and uncertainty; 
  • manage stakeholder expectations and ensure appropriate levels of control;
  • meaningfully understand and assess progress; 
  • evaluate and select appropriate management and control techniques; and
  • establish the support and information mechanisms necessary for them to be applied successfully. 

Program Highlights 

  • Explore the process and considerations for successfully identifying project stakeholders and negotiating requirements in environments of organizational and political complexity.
  • Provide guidance in managing stakeholder expectations and developing effective, relevant and meaningful communication and reporting strategies.
  • Introduce advanced estimation techniques to support the development of manageable and defensible estimates in contexts of risk and uncertainty.
  • Develop advanced techniques in identifying, assessing and planning for risk.
  • Establish comprehensive strategies for performance measurement, tracking and project control.
  • Support development of comprehensive procurement and contract management strategies that ensure products, services and resources obtained on a contract basis aligns with the overall project management approach.
  • Identify relevant guidance for identifying, responding to and dealing with difficult projects.
  • Provide guidance on the development of advanced support structures, toolsets and organizational resources to ensure consistent project management and delivery.

Program Schedule 

Apr 12-13 & Apr 26-27, 2018

Who Should Attend?

Professionals with at least 5 years of experience and with some basic training in project management are best suited for this course.