Executive Education

Building and Leading Effective Teams

Program Overview

This course will focus on building and leading teams that demonstrate high performance. Each team member brings distinctive strengths to the overall team, which contribute to the team dynamics. This course will address the concept of using individuals’ strengths and differences to enhance the team’s commitment, productivity, communication, trust, and cohesion. Attendees will improve their ability to foster strong relationships and performance by learning key concepts and practical strategies, which will be illustrated through experiential activities. Upon completion of the course, attendees will have practical skills for enhancing team performance that they will be able to apply with confidence in the workplace.

Topics Covered

  • Team formation and composition: dynamics of individuals working together
  • The impact of team cohesion on commitment, productivity, and performance
  • Using strengths of team members
  • How different perspectives can foster team performance
  • Effective communication
  • Enhancing trust and cohesion
  • Healthy conflict and its benefits 


Dr. Jennifer Short  //  R.Psych.

Dr. Jennifer Short is a Registered Psychologist with a varied work and educational background. She has experience applying psychology within work environments ranging from the correctional service to police services to advanced education. With experience in challenging environments and as a leader of multidisciplinary teams, she understands the practical struggles faced by organizations related to development and optimization of staff. With a doctorate in Industrial - Organizational Psychology, Jennifer is prepared to apply her expertise in psychology to improving the experiences, performance, and engagement of staff and leaders.