Executive Education

Building Strategic Upward Relationships for Senior Managers

Program Overview

“Leading up requires great courage and determination”, writes Michael Useem. Those that lead up are those that demonstrate an awareness of the bigger picture and are ready, willing and able to do what is needed for the good of the team. (Baldoni, 2010).

Why do we need effective relationships with our managers, peers and direct reports? Because in today’s organizations execution of goals is not a solo sport. We need others who are willing and able to help us get “stuff” done and get our organizations to where they need to go. Strategic relationships are born of the need to get things done, with and through others. Whether you have a good relationship that could be better, an exceptional relationship that you’d like to maintain or a more challenging relationship that needs help, this program has content that will impact your desired outcome. Formal and informal leaders today need tools, techniques, practice and accountability when it comes to influencing up, down and sideways. This program helps participants to influence others by combining known tools, processes and unique frameworks in a practical way that works. 

Topics Covered 

  • Establish the need for effective relationships
  • Identify areas of relationships where we have influence
  • Engage with tools and models highlighting awareness of behavioural styles in self and others.
  • Reflect on the notion of currency in relationships
  • Explore the criticality of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in building influential relationships
  • Experience the Influential Conversation Model (ICM)
  • Utilize the coach approach to executing an influential conversation
  • Complete an Action Plan Map
  • Be held accountable for individual plans and goals, with Executive Coaching calls 


Wendy Wilton  //  M.Ed, CEC
Wendy Wilton is the founder of Wilton Consulting Inc. has been a facilitator, designer, coach and consultant in the learning and development community for over two decades. Her experience as a key player in the U of A’s Certificate in Municipal Management and Leadership program (CMML), as well as facilitating and coaching the Emerging Managers Leadership Development program for the Government of the Northwest Territories has given Wendy many insights into the opportunities and challenges of working in the Government context. Participants praise Wendy’s ability to translate theory into useful practices. Wendy strives to make the learning environment fun, engaging and most importantly easily transferable to real life.

Kim Arsenault  //  BEd. MA.ACC.
President of Meridian Learning & Development Ltd. Is an educator and manager with more than 25 years experience. Most recently she was Director of Government Programs, Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta, in Edmonton. Kim currently co-facilitates the Leadership Development Program for Emerging Managers for the Government of the Northwest Territories and Tlicho First Nations Band. These courses have been customized for a government audience and cultural environment, and have been well received by public sector leaders. She is known for her dynamic and interactive training style, and brings a sophisticated but down-to-earth approach to program delivery.