Executive Education

Change Implementation Skills 

Program Overview

This module offers the theories of change with practical application to championing and creating change. As a participant, you will be provided with ideas, tools and resources to assist you through change, with an emphasis on practical application. This module will first equip you with change management tools and theory, and then challenge you to put your new change application to the test using a Change Management simulation tool. You will learn about the process of planning for and effectively managing change implementation. The course explores change management theories and concepts; including both the process for managing change and the impact of change on people. You will learn tools and strategies that will increase your success as a leader and ability to implement change within the Alberta Public Service.

Topics Covered

  • What change management is all about
  • The key realities everyone faces in times of change
  • The critical components of being an ambassador for change/change agent
  • The 5 key roles of a good change agent
  • Change management best practice and your role in it
  • How to use change management knowledge and skills to support future change within the government
  • Responding to and supporting organizational change
  • Strategy execution
  • Managing resistance
  • Aligning and engaging stakeholders


Lyall Samaroden  //  Management Consultant
Market leaders in municipal government and the print media, travel, energy and defence sectors have utilized Lyall’s talents to deliver exceptional results during times of change. Lyall is recognized for his ability to apply his talent, knowledge, laughter and fun demeanour to help vibrant, dedicated people build careers, fulfill their aspirations, navigate change, and achieve more than they may have thought they could.