Executive Education

Coaching For Results

Program Overview

How do you situationally coach others within your team or organization to get the best results? In this learning day you’ll be introduced to numerous practical coaching frameworks to ensure you are exercising your best options when coaching and leading others, whether formally or informally.

Situational coaching is an insightful framework for formal or informal leaders to use to discern when to empower others, when to delegate and who is ready for the next opportunity. How ready, willing and able you perceive your team members or your organizational culture to be, also plays out in this decision-making process. Some cultures are more open to learning, to change, to creativity, others are less so.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the importance of appreciating different learning styles in coaching others and build a flexible approach using a growth versus fixed mindset
  • Use customized case studies to examine multiple paths to use when coaching individuals
  • Set the foundation of coaching by defining it, knowing the value of coaching, knowing when to coach and exploring what are potential barriers to coaching
  • Apply a Situational Coaching framework to leading, developing and coaching individuals and teams
  • Understand the three different types of coaching required for optimum performance
  • Practice coaching in a safe environment to bring learning from theory to action
  • Learn a practical coaching model (GROW) to sustain on-going learning after the session
  • Explore the differences when coaching teams or groups versus individuals

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for leaders who recognize the value of coaching as a cornerstone for success and are interested in enhancing their skill set.


Laurie Hillis

Laurie Hillis has been teaching with University of Alberta's Executive Education for a number of years. She holds an Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University, is a Professional Certified Coach, has earned the distinction of a Professional Certified Coach (2012) and a Certified Presence-Based Coach® (2013).

In the life enhancing work of Dr. Brené Brown, Laurie is a Master Facilitator of Brave Leaders Inc. and a Certified Daring WayTM Facilitator-Consultant. Specializing in all areas of leadership development, Laurie has a particular passion in the areas of: organizational culture, executive coaching, change leadership, emotional intelligence, team effectiveness and succession challenges related to building a viable, diverse and engaged workplace for the future.