Executive Education

Foundations of Project Leadership

Start Date   Duration   Location  Investment 
Nov 6, 2017   4 days   Edmonton   2,195 +GST 


Project management is a flexible and adaptive discipline. Effective management requires a comprehensive understanding of available approaches. It also requires the ability to adapt those approaches to the context and culture of the organization and the type of project being managed.

This program establishes a framework to: 
  • manage projects that is practically grounded in current techniques; 
  • provide a broad introduction to project standards, concepts and methodologies; 
  • gain a complete, end-to-end understanding of the project management process that spans the complete project lifecycle; and 
  • guide initiate, plan, manage and deliver projects that holistically integrates the principles of project management with the strategies of project delivery.

Program Highlights 

  • Explore the alignment of projects with corporate strategies and priorities.
  • Provide a comprehensive introduction to the full project lifecycle, from initiation through to project completion.
  • Introduce the critical standards, methodologies and frameworks that represent alternative means of managing projects, from traditional approaches to new and emerging techniques such as rolling wave, agile and workface planning techniques.
  • Enable integration of organizational process, project management approaches and the delivery processes required to deliver the work of the project.
  • Provide guidance for integration and establishment of consistent organizational project management capabilities and support organizations.
  • Establish the understanding necessary to confidently plan, manage and deliver projects efficiently and effectively.

Program Schedule

Module 1: Nov 6-7, 2017
Module 2: Nov 20-21, 2017

Who Should Attend?

Professionals with at least 5 years of experience and with some basic training in project management are best suited for this course.