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Indigenous Partnership Development Program

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Executive Education at the Alberta School of Business, and the Faculty of Native Studies developed the Indigenous Partnership Development Program to help non-Indigenous business and public sector employees work more effectively alongside Indigenous communities with greater understanding. Through each learning experience, we strive to provide a forum for Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders to discuss key issues and engage in dialogue about the way forward.

This program aims to strengthen coalitions within Alberta and beyond by creating a space wherein all parties can hear each other, and establish a shared knowledge of history and vision for the future. Through success in these objectives, this program will be transformational in creating positive change within our province.


Program Highlights 

The Indigenous Partnership Development Program combines the insight gained through in-depth communication with industry and Indigenous leaders and research-based findings and leading practice. Through participation in the Indigenous Partnership Development Program, you will leave with real action plans and a toolkit for your organization.

  • Identify the history and worldviews of Indigenous communities and how it applies today.
  • Understand legal issues, consultation, consent and the legal rules of engagement.
  • Interpret the social and political landscape when developing relationships with Indigenous peoples under the framework of UNDRIP and TRC.
  • Build skills to better communicate with all stakeholder groups.
  • Recognize challenges facing First Nations, and how life works for Chiefs.
  • Develop effective strategies for building business partnerships.
  • Construct strategies for youth engagement and developing community capacity.

Program Schedule

Module I - Feb 22, 2019


Module 2 - Mar 15, 2019 


Module 3 - Apr 5, 2019

Opening Ceremony   Opening Ceremony   Opening Ceremony
Indigenous Worldviews  

Successful Project Case Study: Indigenous Economic

& Community Development

  Relationships & Reciprocity
Indigenous Past & Present   Relationship Building under the framework of UNDRIP & TRC   Group Presentations

Indigenous Economic & Governance History

(Dispelling the Myths)

  TRC & Youth Engagement   Partnership Panels: Building Impactful Relationships
Group Projects      Graduation Ceremony

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for leaders who have goals to build more effective partnerships between Aboriginal business and communities, industry and the public sector or to develop diverse teams and workplaces.


  1. Vern Bachiu, President and CEO, Triall Consulting
  2. Phil Fontaine, Former Chief, National Assembly First Nations
  3. JP Gladu, President and CEO, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  4. Dr. Shalene Jobin Vandervelde, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta
  5. Patti LaBoucane-Benson, Native Counselling Services of Alberta
  6. Randy Moore, VP, Strategic Development and Aboriginal Relation, Bee Clean
  7. Jodi Stonehouse, Communications & Recruitment Coordinator, Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta
  8. Lorne J. Ternes, Hearing Commissioner, Alberta Energy Regulator
  9. Dr. Frank Tough, Professor, Faculty of Native Studies,  University of Alberta
  10. Dr. Marvin Washington, Associate Professor, Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta