Leader Lab

Start Date Duration Location Investment
Nov 21, 2017   12 weeks   Edmonton   $1,800 +GST 
Fees include all program materials, breakfast, lunch and refreshments. The course will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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The Leader Lab is a 12-week program, designed for emerging professionals, that combines hands-on learning, collaboration and an individualized focus. Meaning, the program is aimed directly at your professional growth. This is an innovative program that will noticeably impact your career and lay the foundation for lasting growth.

The space to learn, experiment, build confidence, increase accountability, and develop leadership with minimal time away from the office... the perfect blend to elevate your professional capacity.

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Program Highlights

  • Further clarify your abilities as a leader
  • Discover the EQi emotional intelligence model and learn how to improve your EQ
  • Explore a reflective learning framework to enhance your awareness 
  • Develop your ability to work in a team and support the learning of others
  • Explore long-term career strategies that will stabilize and clarify your pursuit 
  • Further identify your leadership and professional identity 
  • Learn a process to overcome hurdles and develop solutions for inevitable challenges 
  • Develop a personalized leadership plan for immediate and lasting impact

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Program Schedule


MODULE 1 – In the Studio:

Nov 21, 2017

Your Leadership Journey
Your first step into this program will convince you, something’s about to change. Uncover the principals and potential of personal leadership, leaving with practical tools and awareness to guide your upcoming development.

Building Emotional Intelligence
As you are discovering, professional ability is greatly impacted by emotional intelligence (EQ). Thankfully, your EQ is developable. Complete a scientifically validated EQi assessment and develop a personalized roadmap for building your EQ.

Intro to the Lab:

Setting Your Foundation
Your first step into the lab is an easy one. Join the Leader Lab community, meet your new network and start becoming accustomed to this online platform. This experiment is straightforward: complete your leader profile, write your professional bio, and write a post on a leader who inspires you.

MODULE 2 – In the Studio:

Dec 15, 2017

Growth Through Action Learning
Your entry back into the studio is for action. Discover and practice your skills tied to self-directed learning, communication, and collaboration. This session will set the foundation for your leadership experiments. 

Partner and Team Learning 
Shortly, you will be conducting experiments and activities that will stretch your confidence and capabilities. Thankfully, you will have support through the process, being grouped into a cohort and being split into learning partnerships. Leave this session with a personal leadership goal, tools to build capacity, and new ability to guide the growth of others.

MODULE 3 – Into the Lab (8 weeks)

This impactful portion of the program is conducted in your day-to-day work environment. It’s a game changing environment. Expect to be pushed, supported and given the space to further your progression as a leader. Much of the learning will be built around your previously defined leadership goal. While in the lab, you will cycle through four learning experiments, made up of:

  1. Engaging videos
  2. Action learning activities
  3. Reflection posts
  4. Cohort and partner feedback.

MODULE 4 – In the Studio:

Feb 16, 2018

Leadership Experiments into Action
Coming out of the lab, you enter the studio for the final module. Time to review, share and discuss the lessons you have been uncovering. This session includes the wrap-up of your leadership goal, and lays the foundation for an individualized growth plan. Leave this session with a vision and clarified values.

Growth Plans and Commitments
Your final session is focused on your immediate and longer-term future. Go through a structured process to build your growth plan, share feedback, and identify commitments with your learning partners. Leave the Leader Lab with direction for you and your work, a plan for tangible impact, and the new tools to make it all happen. 

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Who Should Attend

  • Ideal for individual contributors, emerging professionals and new leaders
  • Those who have growing responsibilities but have little formal leadership or management training 
  • Employees who are interested in learning by doing 
  • Team members who want to grow through enhanced EQ and self-awareness

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Tyler Waye is a leadership strategist who has spent the last decade investigating the emerging patterns of work that shape our careers and organizations. He is President of IN.FORM, where he works to drive leadership inspired change, across numerous platforms. He is co-founder of YoungLeaders.World, a multi-national youth leadership organization that works directly with thousands across the globe.

As author of the book “I Went to School That Long for This?!” Tyler’s work is increasingly focused on helping organizations develop the next generation of leaders and employees. His bold and progressive thought leadership has made him a beacon for the emerging workforce and forward thinking organizations.

Tyler is a regular contributor in media, continually featured on TV, radio and in leading publications. Tyler has done speaking engagements around the world, ranging from stadium keynotes, to lectures at world leading universities, to close-door strategy sessions with high powered boards. He has held management positions with several leading organizations and is internationally published on topics related to emerging leadership, workforce activation, career design and employee engagement.

Tyler also has a Master of Arts degree in Leadership, was recently named Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue magazine, and is an instructor with Executive Education at the University of Alberta.

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