Executive Education

Managing for Effective Communications

Program Overview

The ability to communicate effectively is a key skill for success. Whether communications are delivered inside or outside of an organization, understanding and executing key messages are essential elements of an effective organizational strategy. This course begins by examining methods to better understand our target audiences, and then looks at ways to plan and develop integrated communication strategies that are authentic and engaging. Techniques such as effective storytelling and nudging are discussed, as are strategies that can effectively leverage conventional and digital marketing platforms. Finally, evaluation techniques are discussed, which provide methods to measure the effectiveness of these strategies.  

Case studies and group activities will be used to enhance the learning experience, providing participants with concrete and realistic tools that can be applied in their workplace.

Topics Covered

  • Marketing’s role in organizations.
  • Methods to gain insights from key stakeholders.
  • Ways to develop and analyze key messages.
  • Methods (established and current) for disseminating messages.
  • Marketing’s role in changing behaviours in external stakeholders.
  • Ways to increase engagement from internal stakeholders.
  • Methods to evaluate effectiveness of communications.


Webb Dussome

Webb Dussome is an award winning lecturer at the University of Alberta School of Business, where he has been teaching courses at the undergraduate and graduate level for over twenty years. He has graduate degrees in both business and adult education, and has a Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation. His teaching work includes courses in marketing and not-for-profit management. He also maintains a consulting practice, where he has done work in the public and not-for-profit sectors.