Executive Education

The Municipal Executive Certificate 

Program Overview

The Municipal Executive Certificate (MEC) provides the exclusive opportunity for senior municipal leaders from across North America to gather at the renowned Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge to engage in learning. The focus of the program will be around sustaining the future of communities amidst an environment of constant change.

Learning Highlights

  • Review the skills associated with coach-like behaviour
  • Apply the skills and steps in the coaching model to the group coaching process to help self and others move forward to solve key issues
  • Understand and execute the steps necessary to shift thinking from traditional problem solving methods to a design thinking method that puts residents and communities at the center of efforts
  • Learn how to start the conversations towards more effective regional collaboration
  • Build a customized strategy plan for your organization 


Group Coaching: Clearing the Path Forward

Nimbleness and creative problem solving are keys to success in the ever-changing, complex world of municipal leadership. Using a structured approach to group coaching, we will take your real world issues and use the collective intelligence of workshop participants to help map out a plan forward. Accountability will be built into the process with checkpoints established.

Design Thinking: A Human and Community-Centered Approach 

Design thinking is a method that describes a human-centered approach to problem-solving. This method empowers leaders to break from the traditional methods of problem-solving, to develop new and innovative solutions to the problems on hand. Through this experiential and hands on session, participants will have the ability to use the IDEO Innovation Process to work through the Los Verdes Case Study.  

Regional Collaboration: Breaking Through The Resistance

Some communities are being forced to amalgamate, others are being forced to simply work together, and still others are being left to their own devices and fate. Regardless, collaboration between and within communities is the issue of the day from one end of the continent to the other. Evidence shows that collaboration is an important aspect of finding success, yet opposition to it abounds among elected officials, administration, and the public. Why do we fear it, how do we overcome those fears, and how do we use collaboration to produce success are the topics we will work through in this session.

The Art of War: Leading Communities to Success

Strategies have become a process of collecting general opinions and formatting them into a lovely document that sits on a shelf somewhere in the office. However, finding success in this climate is not about writing a nice document with a glossy cover. It requires finesse, focus, and strategy more attuned to the Art of War than traditional strategies. This session will capture all that we have learned and put it into a plan of attack you can put to use. 

Learner Profile 

  • CAO & City Managers
  • Directors
  • Senior Managers


Doug Griffiths

Doug Griffiths retired from politics in January 2015 to actively pursue his passion of helping communities, organizations, and businesses grow stronger. Doug holds a Master's of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta. In his best-selling book, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community, Doug identifies challenges and opportunities that all of our communities face. The lessons that come from those stories are applicable to all types of communities, whether they are towns, organizations, or businesses. Doug and his team have developed practical tools that all types of communities, including your organization or business, can use to assess and address your challenges and find success.

Lyall Samaroden 

Lyall Samaroden helps individuals and teams navigate the waters of organizational change. Lyall has held numerous senior-level line and corporate roles across multiple industry sectors in both management and individual contributor capacities over his 15+ year career. Market leaders in municipal government and the print media, travel, energy and defence sectors have utilized Lyall’s talents to deliver exceptional results during times of change. Lyall comes to the change arena from a career encompassing various roles in advertising, marketing, community investment, corporate communication and human resources.

Wendy Wilton

Wendy holds a Master's of Education in Distance Education from the University of Athabasca and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta. Training development and delivery has been Wendy’s main focus for over two decades. Moving from the private sector into consulting, Wendy has worked with clients in such diverse fields as nursing, banking, engineering, health care, home building, energy sector and various levels of government. She is a Certified Executive Coach and has received training and certification in the following tools and assessments: DiSC, True Colors, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step II, and Strength Deployment Inventory.