Executive Education

Negotiating for Results

Program Overview

Content will focus on a wide range of negotiation environments that range from deal-making with external departments, firms or agencies to formal and informal work arrangements inside your own unit. Most significantly, you will learn about your behaviour through a set of simulated (but very real) negotiations performed in class. In this course, we will use experiential learning, through several negotiation exercises, to illustrate the theory and to improve our skills at bargaining and negotiation.

Topics Covered

  • Integrative bargaining: how to create value and generate win/win outcomes
  • The bargaining dilemma: how and when to share private information
  • Building trust: the key to successful negotiations
  • First offers: when and how to make them
  • Cognitive biases: avoiding the mental errors we are all prone to make
  • Communicating with others over cultural and emotional barriers
  • When to use interests, rights or power in a negotiation
  • The impact of style, approach and personality on a negotiation


Dr. Terry Daniel  //  Professor, University of Alberta School of Business
Terry Daniel is a professor of the Department of Finance and Management Science in the School of Business at the University of Alberta. He has degrees in electrical engineering from McGill and M.I.T. and is a Ph.D. graduate of the Business School at Stanford University. Dr. Daniel has won all of the School of Business’s major teaching awards and in 2002, he was the recipient of the Rutherford Award – the highest teaching award at the University of Alberta. Recently he was named as one of Canada’s ‘hot profs’ by Canadian Business magazine.