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Powerful Performance Conversations

Join Workplace Fairness West for two days of intensive learning to enhance the outcomes of your difficult conversations.

 Date   Duration    Location    Investment 
 Jun 1-2, 2017   2 days  Calgary    $1,350 +GST
Fees include all program materials, breakfast, lunch and refreshments.

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Disagreements arise usually not from data, but from the way we say things. Is communication style getting in the way of influencing on your team? Would you like to see more input on decisions in your workplace? Are you hearing too much from some people and not enough from others? Are you hoping to have a more constructive dialogue when there are disagreements and conflict? 

In this two-day program, you will learn to dissect the “what you say” from the “how you say it” and gain powerful insight into your own communication style and its impact. And, how structuring a dialogue with intent can lead to more collaborative discussion and better decisions.

Program Highlights

Day 1: Through role playing and discussion, you will learn and practice strategies for dealing with difficult behaviors, identify the appropriate time and place for each style, and learn to build influence by using your style to its advantage.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To differentiate reactions and approaches to conflict
  2. To learn and practice active listening skills to build understanding
  3. To learn and practice assertive communication skills to respond to challenges

Day 2: You will learn through demonstration, explanation and practice how to use process and planning to enhance decision making, build accountability, and foster productivity. You will also walk away with a plan for consensus decision-making.

Learning Objectives:
1. To structure dialogue for constructive, effective outcomes
2. To experience and practice tools for facilitating collaborative decision-making

Program Schedule

February 2 - Day 1 - 5 Styles of Influencing and Collaborating in the Workplace
February 3 - Day 2 - Facilitating Collaboration

Who Should Attend?

Managers at any level, team leads and those who want to improve their skills in undertaking difficult conversations with employees or colleagues. All industries and sectors are welcome.


Marjorie Munroe is a Chartered Mediator, Ombudsman and Workplace Fairness Analyst specializing in workplace conflict resolution and assessment. Marjorie believes that people who feel heard, understood and acknowledged are more engaged and more productive. Marjorie is a trainer with the PULSE Institute (www.pulseinstitute.com). She also is an instructor and Mediation Assessor with ADRIA (www.ADRAlberta.com) and with Mount Royal University Continuing Studies (www.mtroyal.ca). An active member of the Canadian Society of Training and Development, and a Certified Training Practitioner, Marjorie works extensively with the Government of Alberta training in their Supervisory Certificate Program.

Michelle Phaneuf is a Chartered Mediator, Professional Engineer, Ombuds and Workplace Fairness Analyst. Michelle believes that consensus building is a core competency and that conflict can be productively turned into consensus. Michelle works extensively with organizations coaching clients to improve working relationships. Her technical background in electrical engineering and her deep commitment to understanding people and systems lends itself to a strong role in supporting organizations to improve conflict management systems. She has worked extensively with clients in oil and gas, healthcare, engineering services, and professional organizations. She is committed to supporting women through her work on the Reintegrating Women in the Workplace Committee with the Alberta Women & Science Network