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Alberta School of Business Executive Education, in partnership with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), is proud to present this ground-breaking course developed at Google.

 Date   Duration   Location   Investment
 Nov 27-28, 2017   2 days  Edmonton   1,800 +GST

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The Search Inside Yourself workshop (SIY) is the unique two-day course that was developed and refined at Google. The workshop focus is on the five key domains of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills – with mindfulness practice, science, and leadership applications fully integrated at all levels.

SIY helps organizations address some of their most difficult challenges:
  • Building resilience in times of rapid change 
  • Helping leaders solve not just technical but adaptive problems, which have no clear answers 
  • Supporting people to thrive in a fast-paced, connected world without boundaries 
  • Creating an inspired workplace that supports true human development 

The workshop is highly interactive and trains people to optimize performance, train leadership skills and increase well-being. Each session is approximately one-third content and two-thirds skill training. Skill training includes individual, dyadic and group exercise consisting of attention training, active listening with verbal feedback, writing exercise and emotion regulation.

Read why “goodness is good for business” in The Guardian’s interview with Google’s head of mindfulness.

Program Details

SIY is a highly interactive workshop that integrates the theory and practices of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and the supporting scientific evidence. SIY provides the tools and skills to improve workplace effectiveness, leadership, and happiness.

Search Inside Yourself works in three steps:

Attention Training: Attention is the basis of all higher cognitive and emotional abilities. Train attention to create a quality of mind that is both calm and alert. This quality of mind forms the foundation for emotional intelligence.

Self-Knowledge and Self-Mastery: Use trained attention to understand cognitive and emotional processes. This knowledge provides the individual with the ability to regulate and master emotions.

Create Useful Habits and Leadership Skills: Develop the habits of leading with compassion and communicating with insight. These habits can be trained and create trust that leads to highly productive collaborations.

Program participants will:
  • Learn several mental training practices, including self-awareness, attention training and an introduction to emotional intelligence that are useful in enhancing work place skills.
  • Learn practices designed to enhance concentration and creativity, and improve self-awareness and emotional process, enhance self-confidence, optimism, and empathy.
  • Learn practices for developing alignment, clarifying vision and building resilience, as well as practices for leading with compassion and influencing with insight.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders in organizations everywhere. Each company and organization needs emotionally intelligent leaders. All organizations can benefit from a more mindful and self-aware workforce. This workshop is especially for those who want to support their organization’s ability to build an inspiring, high-performance workplace.

Course Outline

This course consists of four 1/2 day sessions. Breakfast will be served from 8:00 am–8:30 am and sessions will be held from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Day 1
Session One (AM)
Day 1
Session Two (PM) 
 Introduction, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Self-awareness   Self-regulation and Motivation 
  • Introduction to emotional intelligence
  • Introduction to mindfulness 
  • The neuroscience of mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • Intuition and decision-making
  • The theory, practice, and science of meditation
  • Self-awareness at work
  • Nine key emotional intelligence competencies
  • Science of self-awareness and self regulation
  • Emotional regulation
  • Understanding triggers
  • Self-regulation model
  • Alignment
  • Envisioning
Day 2
Session Three (AM) 
Day 2 
 Session Four (PM) 
 Motivation and Empathy  Empathy and Social Skills
  • Resilience
  • Neuroscience of motivation
  • The role of empathy in leadership
  • Understanding others
  • Neuroscience of empathy
  • Developing trust
  • Political awareness
  • Leadership and compassion
  • Influence with goodness
  • Communication with insight
  • Neuroscience with compassion
  • Teambuilding model and establishing trust
  • Difficult Conversations
  • "Connecting the dots"


All SIYLI coaches and trainers have an extensive background and personal commitment to embodying mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills. They have cultivated the presence and resilience to teach these skills, in the context of leadership development, while standing firmly in science. They come from diverse backgrounds and have accolades such as coaching senior leaders at Fortune 100s, working in top neuroscience labs and holding executive roles in top firms.

Lori Schwanbeck
Program Instructor

Lori is a senior faculty member at SIY where she designs and facilitates both in-person and virtual programs bringing mindfulness and emotional intelligence to people around the globe. Lori is also a mentor for SIY teacher trainees and consults on experience design for many of the SIY offerings including the core SIY training, Engage, and Joy on Demand programs.

Lori has a clinical psychotherapy and coaching practice in San Francisco and facilitates mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainings internationally in corporate, health care, education, and government settings. You can also find her paddling a kayak or lost in the wilderness where she leads nature-based mindfulness immersions. 

Lori holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan, and a MA in psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.


Mark Coleman
Program Instructor 

Mark is an inner and outer explorer, who has devotedly studied mindfulness meditation practices for three decades. He is a trainer for Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, teaching mindfulness and emotional intelligence leadership programs worldwide.

Founder of the Mindfulness Institute, Mark has brought mindfulness trainings to Fortune 500 companies and the nonprofit sector across North America and Europe. Through the Mindfulness Training Institute, Mark leads Professional Mindfulness Teacher Trainings in the US and UK annually.

He is passionate about sharing the power of meditation and has been teaching mindfulness workshops and meditation retreats on six continents for the past fifteen years. Mark holds a MA in Clinical Psychology and is an executive coach and senior meditation teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Mark is author of Make Peace with Your Mind: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Free You from Your Inner Critic, and Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery.

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