Executive Education

Decision Making & Risk Tolerance

This session is a part of our 13-day Management Essentials Program. While this session is independent in nature, maximum value can be obtained by taking the full program.
 Start Date   Duration   Location    Investment 
 TBD  1 day
 Edmonton   $750 +GST
 Apr 26, 2018   1 day  Calgary  $750 +GST
Fees include all program materials, breakfast, lunch and refreshments.

As knowledge workers, a leader’s primary deliverable is a decision. But while we pay a great deal of attention to the factors involved in making decisions, we can and should do much more to understand how we make decisions.

In this one-day experiential workshop, we will explore emotional intelligence as a foundation for better decision making before moving on to understand why our basic psychological makeup can influence both our disposition to risk and our decision-making styles.

Program Highlights

  • Identify key elements of emotional intelligence that are fundamental to decision making.
  • Explore cognitive biases and their role in how we understand and interpret the world around us.
  • Understand how our individual approach to risk influences our decision-making processes.
  • Learn simple, easy

Who Should Attend?

This session is ideally suited for leaders and managers who not only engage in critical problem-solving and decision-making activities but direct and lead others.
As well it is useful for professionals and knowledge workers who, through their specialized training and expertise, are engaged in advanced problem solving and decision-making activities.