Executive Education

Strategic Finance: Government Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting

Program Overview

This session provides an introduction to Government of Alberta finance and budgeting, including learning to read and interpret a variety of financial statements and reports. Participants will explore the factors that influence the fiscal situation, the legislation that governs how finances are managed, the roles/responsibilities of Cabinet and various committees, the budget cycle, forecasting and reporting. Participants will leave this session understanding both the “big picture” of Government of Alberta finance as well as developing and refining skills for their day-to-day work which contributes to the overall fiscal goals.

Topics Covered

  • The fiscal situation in the province. Where does the money come from (revenue) and where does the money go (expenditures)? Factors that impact revenue
  • What is the Alberta Government’s fiscal plan? What is the total budget? What are the legislative structures/acts that guide our work?
  • Private sector vs. public sector (profit oriented vs. balanced budget)
  • The stages of the Government of Alberta budget cycle. The difference between an operating and capital budget as well as the blend of finance and strategy
  • Effective forecasting


Frank Saccucci  //  Adjunct Lecturer (University of Alberta), Associate Teaching Professor (MacEwan University)

Frank has been delivering seminars for over 25 years. He brings a wide spectrum of experience to each of his seminars. He currently holds a continuing position at Macewan School of Business as well as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Alberta. His wide range of professional and academic work experience allows him to bring forward true and relevant examples in order to further illustrate the content of the seminar.