Executive Education

Strategic Thinking 

This one day course is part of the 3 day Strategic Management Certificate and the 12 day Management Essentials Program. While the course is designed to be independent in nature, please consider whether the maximum value can be obtained by taking it as part of a broader program.

Program Overview

The course will provide you an understanding of how organizations can create a strategic plan to gain a competitive advantage in their industry. You will be exposed to concepts of blue ocean thinking, competitive advantage, vision/mission, core competency, environmental forces. You will also be exposed to a strategic planning tool called the “Wall” which is designed to help individuals in organizations map out their strategic plan.

You will walk away with some key concepts as it relates to why strategy is needed and how they can achieve the results they want.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is a competitive advantage and how you can obtain it in your industry
  • How to identify opportunities and threats facing your industry
  • How to identify and develop core competencies in your organization
  • Create strategic plans that build upon your organization’s strengths and that align with your vision

Who Should Attend?

  • Mid-level to senior managers
  • Anyone in the organization that has responsibilities for creating strategic plans (all sectors & industries welcome)


Dr. Marvin Washington

Dr. Marvin Washington is the Associate Dean of Executive Education and Professor for the Alberta School of Business. His research and consulting focus is on processes of organizational and institutional change with a strong interest in Leadership. He holds a Ph.D. in Organization Behaviour and Sociology, Northwestern University, Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a BS in Industrial Engineering, Northwestern University 1989. Marvin has a long-standing engagement with Anahuac University in Mexico, where he is a part of their CEO Academy. He has also consulted with numerous non-profit and for-profit organizations and is the author of two books on leadership and organizational change. Dr. Washington is currently involved in a 12-year engagement with the country of Botswana. Prior to life in Academia, Marvin was an operation’s manager for Procter and Gamble. When not teaching, researching, or consulting, Marvin can be found hanging out with his two sons (both students at the University of Alberta) or coaching basketball.