How to Apply to a Program

Program Admission Requirements

Students wishing to complete a program offered by the Faculty of Extension, must submit a completed Application for Admission form and provide any related documentation required for that program. Admission requirements vary based on the program. Please check individual program pages for more information.

Students who do not meet the admission requirements are invited to apply for program admission on a provisional basis. This is a temporary classification which requires the student to complete their first two graded courses and maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0. Students who do not meet the provisional admission requirements after their second course should contact their program advisor.

Students who do not formally apply for admission to their selected program offered by the Faculty of Extension will not be eligible to graduate.

Admission FAQs

  • Am I able to audit a course?

    Students may enrol and participate in a class without the expectation of completing assignments or exams. Audited courses will not be considered as meeting prerequisite, course or program requirements.

    Students can complete the Audit Request form. All forms are to be submitted to the Extension Student Service Office via fax at 780.492.0627 or by email Applications must be received before the 20% Academic Drop deadline found at the bottom of your Fee Assessment/Course confirmation.

    Once your enrolment status has been set to Audit, students cannot revert back to credit status.

    Audited courses will display on your Faculty of Extension transcript as 'AU, Registered as an Auditor.'

    The course Fee Assessment contains class information: dates, textbook details, classroom location (note that not all courses take place at Enterprise Square), receipt of payment. To access the course fee assessment, log onto Bear Tracks: Financials > Fee Assessment > select the term and the course.

  • Am I able to check my admission status?
    Students can log into Bear Tracks to track the application progress.

    The application status can only be viewed for current or future terms. The Application Status informs students of the completeness of the application.
  • How will I be notified of the admission decision?

    Student are notified via their email of their admission decision. Students can access their Admission Letter in Bear Tracks by selecting Academics > My Academics > Official Correspondence.

    Please note: Admission Letters are only available in Bear Tracks if your application was processed after September 1, 2017.