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Writing Your Career Story: Why it Matters


In the 21st century, blood, sweat, tears, and a diploma are no longer enough for job success. Career research shows that in addition to skills and aptitudes, an understanding of what gives us a sense of meaning and direction is essential. We must learn about ourselves and cultivate an ability to articulate our stories in order to find, keep and create our work. Narrative career approaches have been developed to that end. Work toward your own "career construction" as you explore life and career themes through creative, expressive, and reflective writing. Learn about the research that proves that "following your bliss" is not just for poets. This course is suited for career counsellors and coaches, those working in education and Human Resource Development, or those in career transitions or aspiring to learn more about career development.

Course Not Currently Offered

This course is not currently offered scheduled, but may be offered in an upcoming term. New course schedules are announced each May and October.