Courses & Workshops

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence


Evaluate machine learning claims
    Study a machine learning success story and then validate claims on what defines a "success".

Find the right process
    Identify appropriate techniques for analysis and learning using evaluation metrics.

Solve business problems
    Determine what type of organizations can benefit from artificial intelligence and what data and research are necessary to start.

The recent and rapid expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) has left many wondering how a business can best deploy theses technologies for maximum impact. This seminar, designed for business leaders and technical staff, will provide an applied understanding of the process and capabilities of AI, machine learning and data mining. Participants will work in small teams to conceive, present and refine and AI project of their choice and can expect to gain an introductory working knowledge of how to evaluate, validate and begin developing AI solutions for a chosen domain.

Course Not Currently Offered

This course is not currently offered scheduled, but may be offered in an upcoming term. New course schedules are announced each May and October.