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Leading Strategic Planning


Leading an organization towards a goal or an intended outcome requires a plan - and a plan to implement that plan. Topics may include: direction setting, goal setting; decision-making; problem-solving; moving from strategy to action; and project planning and delivery.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Explain the reasons for strategic planning and management in organizations.
  • Articulate how strategic planning can contribute to the success of the organization.
  • Use strategic management vocabulary appropriately.
  • Distinguish between strategic planning, business planning, and program planning.
  • Define the purpose and scope of the strategic plan as a tool for adapting the organization.
  • Identify the key steps in strategic planning.
  • Conduct strategic analysis (SWOT) for the internal and external environments.
  • Define the purpose and scope of the organization's mission, vision and values statements.
  • Develop a strategic vision based on the analysis.
  • Identify an organization's strategic issues and then formulate appropriate strategies and goals to achieve the vision.
  • Critically analyze the strategic plan in relation to the organization's resources.
  • Explain how these strategies can be implemented, evaluated, modified and controlled.

Course Hours

21 hours in total

Course Not Currently Offered

This course is not currently offered scheduled, but may be offered in an upcoming term. New course schedules are announced each May and October.