Organizational Behaviour


Explores the theory and practice of the organization in three major parts: the organizational environment, the organizational structure, and the behaviour of groups and individuals within the organization. Topics include the social role of managers, organizational structure, individual perception, motivation, decision-making and leadership, communication, teamwork and stress in the work place.

Course Objectives

Learn how individual, group and organization behaviours interact and impact each other; and how these three levels will impact the organization and its success through theory, examples, and class discussion. Students will evaluate the various organizational behaviour theories in the context of their own organization and experience with supervisors, peers, staff and others. This course evolves from focusing on the individual, to the group dynamic and finally on the organization as a whole.

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the theoretical principles of organizational behavior
  • Demonstrate how individual and group behaviours affect how organizations work
  • Identify sources of power and motivation in an organizational context
  • Understand how perception influences people’s interactions
  • Describe the impact of motivation on employee behavior
  • Identify organizational challenges and work to solving them with your understanding of leadership skills, conflict management and communication channels

Course Hours

39 hours in total

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  • SP1: Apr 11 - Jun 27, 2019 (Edmonton)

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