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Microtunneling and Pilot Tube Microtunneling


Microtunneling and Pilot Tube Microtunneling (PTMT) are economically viable developments in pipe installation that do not require extensive surface disruptions. This workshop will provide students with a comprehensive overview of the leading technologies behind microtunneling and PTMT. Participants will gain understanding of the pipe installation process and why microtunneling is becoming a leading choice for the installation process.

Course Hours

7 hours in total

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  • WI2: Mar 26 - Mar 26, 2020 (Edmonton)

    Open to registration until Mar 26, 2020. Registering at least one week before the deadline is recommended as this class may fill up or be cancelled due to low enrolment.

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    In Person course delivery

    Enterprise Square
    Edmonton, Alberta

    Class Schedule

    Mar 26
    Thu 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


    Alireza Bayat