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Are you new to the supervisory role? Do you aspire to become a leader and move up to the next level in your career? Perhaps you already are a front-line manager or supervisor in your organization, but want to build on your knowledge and skills. 

For over 40 years, the Supervisory Development Citation from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension has provided new, practicing, and aspiring supervisors with the essential theory and skills they need to be effective leaders within their organizations. 

Learn how to maintain a productive relationship with your team, as you develop skills to excel on areas such as interpersonal leadership, strategic planning, and standard-setting. Realize your own leadership potential, grow in your career, and earn a University of Alberta credential.

Program at a Glance

Program structure

7 courses needed to graduate.

Location & Format

Classes held in downtown Edmonton.


1 to 2 years of part-time study.


This program will benefit professionals in supervisory roles who wish to upgrade or strengthen their skills and knowledge, as well as emerging and aspiring leaders ready to invest in their career prospects. Students come from all sectors: government, industry, not-for-profit organizations, and small to large enterprises.

Program Plan

This part-time program is comprised of seven core courses. Each course is 15 hours in length, for a total of 105 instructional hours. Most students fulfill the citation requirements within one to two years. 

Principles of Supervision is the first course in the program, and Supervisory Summation the last. There is no specific order recommended for the remaining courses.

* Employee Relations for Supervisors replaces the courses Supervising in the Union Environment and The Law and the Supervisor. If you have previously completed either of these, you are not required to take this new course.


  • Principles of Supervision – recommended first course.
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Creating Effective Work Groups
  • The Supervisor as a Trainer
  • Interviewing Techniques for Supervisors
  • Employee Relations for Supervisors*
  • Supervisory Summation – final course of citation.


Upon completion of the Supervisory Development Citation, you can receive a credit for 78 elective hours in the Management Development Certificate program or the Human Resources Management Certificate program. For more information, please contact our office at 780-492- 3027.

Qualifications & Admission

Enrolling in the program is a requirement if you want to obtain the citation. You may apply for admission as you start your studies or, if you prefer, after you have taken one or more courses.

We are open to students with a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. Our expectation is that you have a commitment to learn and achieve your continuing education goals.

This program is currently open for enrolment—apply now!


  1. Click on the ‘Apply now’ button below to download the Application for Program Admission form.
  2. Submit your completed application, along with a $100 admission fee.

Tuition & Fees

  • A one-time application fee of $100 is required for admission into the program.
  • Tuition is paid on a course-by-course basis as you register for your classes; courses are GST-exempt.
  • Materials are included in course fees.
  • Corporate registration available: please call 780-492-5066 for details.

Courses Offered

You can register for a course without enrolling in the program. If later you decide to apply for the full program, the course(s) you’ve taken will be applied toward your citation.

Register online or by phone at 780-492-3116 (toll-free 1-800-808-4784). You may also register by mail, fax, or in person.

Classes are held at Enterprise Square, downtown Edmonton, Alberta.

Course schedules are also available in printer-friendly PDF format.


    Talk to us for additional details: call the Business and Leadership Programs Office at 780-492-5066 or send us an email.


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