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Social media have profoundly changed the way we communicate with each other. This presents both opportunities and challenges. The Social Media Marketing and Communications Citation examines the rules of this multi-dimensional communication model and explores how individuals and organizations can use social media platforms to actively engage stakeholders in online communities built around their products or services. Through formalized training in social media fundamentals, communications and marketing strategy, the program empowers participants to think about social media in a strategic and innovative manner.

Program at a Glance

Program structure

6 courses needed to graduate.

Location & Format

Classes held online and in downtown Edmonton.


1-3 years of part-time study.


This career-enhancing program will benefit professionals in communications, marketing, human resources, and information technology, whether from government, industry, or not-for-profit, as well as small business owners, public officials, and others who want to communicate with target audiences or build relevant social media strategic marketing skills using these engaging and effective media.

Program Plan

This part-time program is comprised of two required courses, two core courses, and two electives. Each course is 20 hours in length, for a total of 120 instructional hours. 

Most students choose to complete the program requirements within one to three years. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 is required to obtain the citation.


The requirements below apply to students enrolled on and after June 16, 2016. If you entered the program prior to June 16, 2016, please refer to the requirements that apply to your citation.

  • ‎Required Courses (2)
    Though not mandatory, we strongly recommend that students take these foundation courses prior to the core and elective courses.
    Fundamentals of Social Media
    Effective Social Media Communication
  • Core courses (2)
    You must complete two of these four courses:
    Digital Storytelling and Narrative
    Writing and Editing in the Digital World
    Analytics for Social Media
    Developing an Integrated Social Media Strategy
  • Elective courses (2)
    Choose your two electives

Qualifications & Admission

Enrolling in the program is a requirement if you want to earn the citation. You may apply for admission as you start your studies or, if you prefer, after you have taken one or more courses. 

To enrol, you must have a high school diploma (minimum 100 credits) or equivalent. If you attended a high school in Alberta, transcripts may be ordered from Alberta Education at 780.427.5732; if you attended high school outside of Alberta, contact the provincial department of education. 

You are still invited to apply if you do not meet the admission requirements. Your qualifications will be reviewed, and conditional entrance may be granted. For details, please contact the program office at 780-492-1185.

This program is currently open for enrolment—apply now!


  1. Click on the ‘Apply now’ button below to download the Application for Program Admission form. 
  2. Obtain an official transcript of your previous studies (high school OR post-secondary education).
  3. Submit your completed application, along with the transcript and a $100 admission fee.

Tuition & Fees

  • A one-time application fee of $100 is required for admission into the program.
  • Tuition is paid on a course-by-course basis as you register for your classes.
  • Materials and textbooks are not included in course fees.
  • This program is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Courses Offered

You can register for a course without enrolling in the program. If later you decide to apply for the full program, the course(s) you’ve taken will be applied toward your citation. 

This program includes online courses, blended learning courses, and courses taught in the traditional classroom format. Blended learning courses combine online activities with a few in-person class meetings. Access to the online component is provided through eClass, the University of Alberta’s eLearning management tool.

Traditional face-to-face classes are held at Enterprise Square, downtown Edmonton, Alberta.

Register online or by phone at 780-492-3116 (toll-free 1-800-808-4784). You may also register by mail, fax, or in person.

Course schedules are also available in printer-friendly PDF format.

Required courses

    Core courses

      Elective courses

        Enhancement opportunities (not for credit)


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