UX Designer Professional

Designed to provide you with in-depth practical experience and relevant skills to succeed in a User Experience Design related field.

Throughout the course of a day, we have thousands of interactions with people, places, products, and services. Some of these interactions leave us feeling accomplished, while others bring high levels of frustration. The most pleasant of these interactions occur when the exchange feels personal and intuitive. Behind these delightful interactions is thoughtful and skilled user-centric design thinking.

This immersive 12-week bootcamp will teach you the UX Design process and prepare you to become a Junior UX Designer. You will work on five projects, three of which are with real clients who are part of our tight-knit community. Throughout the UX Design Professional bootcamp, you will establish a comprehensive understanding of how to design for mobile & web apps, as well as responsive websites. You will work in an agency-like environment that is well supported by experienced designers and mentors.

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